All PlayStation devoted user knows what a PlayStation Network (PSN) code is. It is an in game money or credit which can be used to buy items in the PlayStation store. These codes are usually purchased but can also be gained for free either legitimately or the other way around.

There are only minimal ways to get free codes legitimately. You can join online games or online lottery and earn free PSN codes. You may also buy Sony related product and get one as a gift. The most famous however is by going to sites sponsored by Sony which gives away codes in exchange for any survey completion.

However, not all websites claiming to give you with free codes are real. The so-called PSN code generators should be renounced. These sites promote to provide you unlimited and free codes which prompts you to a download. Anybody who is excessively believing these are left with malware or phishing program which causes your computer or console susceptible to cyber attacks.

The codes you get through these generators will mark a digital signature on the download of your Playstation unit. So even if you get a correct code, the administrator will still have to authenticate the bargain. If you're impel for code re-entry and shows the code null and void many times after retry, you may get your account deferred or worse permanently banned.

If in any case this happens and you don't want to play online or buy a new unit, make sure you get free codes legitimately.Spend a little time doing surveys will not hurt you for you will be rewarded in return. Get quick access to purchasing your content and start earning free PSN codes now.